What We Do

Nowadays people do not leave their home without their mobile device.  If you are a business,  why not target your core audience right where they are at. IBEX Digital Consulting is based in Odessa, TX and serves clients in several states of the U.S.A.   When it comes to any type of advertising, digital marketing currently takes center stage. Two biggest reasons are because it is way more targeted and it is way more measurable than TV or Radio advertising. 

Results Driven

Believe it or not,  there is a recipe for any advertising campaign to be successful.  Ibex Digital Consulting understands your business is everything to you,  therefore marketing campaigns are customized to drive the greatest results.  Marketing dollars should never be wasted.  The truth of the matter is that we want more phone calls,  more traffic,  and more sales!

Our Service

What sets us apart?

We Buy Brand Safe, Premium Inventory

Not only do we track impressions and clicks, but we also track view -throughs

We continuously optimize your campaign

We Buy Across Multiple Ad Exchanges

We provide all of our clients with their own dashboard as well as monthly reports

We Provide In-Depth, Transparent Reporting

Over 16 Years of Experience in Marketing


Reach People in Any Place of the World

We can reach your desired demographic by Country, State, City, Zip Code, or Radius.